John Wyllie


You never get a second chance at a first impression.  If your business documentation has a misspelled word, poor vocabulary, or incorrect punctuation, you will make a bad first impression.  For instance, at a local body piercing and tattooing business the sign reads: “Body Percing & Tattoing.”

If their signage is incorrect, what will happen with the tattoo?

The written word is a powerful tool - use it effectively and it will help to build a powerful business.  Poor writing skills convey the wrong impression, garbling the message; and the  result is a possible rejection of your business.

We all have different strengths, so if writing  isn’t yours, John Wyllie can do it for you.   Whether you need a winning response to a proposal, a dynamic presentation to a client, or a coherent manual for your latest software project, he can deliver.

With over 25 years of progressive experience in Proposal/Grant Writing, Technical Writing, and Business Documentation, John Wyllie always delivers an outstanding product on time and within budget.  His goal is to help you look and sound great in print and online.


The Right Document —

                 Right on Time!